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Proudly Independent | Free UK Postage $78.44 & Over
Proudly Independent | Free UK Postage $78.44 & Over


Yorkshire people like things simple, straightforward and to the point and that’s how we like to make it for you too. Here are some frequently asked question we get...

Can I cancel an order?

We understand. It happens, and you can cancel any order before we dispatch it. Be quick though because we can be pretty efficient! Contact us as soon as possible to stop the order before it is dispatched.

If your order has already been dispatched when you decide you need to cancel, then our standard returns procedure will apply.

Do you offer discounts or run promotions?

We really value value and our products are priced to reflect the quality of materials used in them, the processes and the people behind them.  Because of this, we offer a limited number of discounts and sales on our products. Find out about the promotions we run here and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on promotions when they do happen – they are often limited to our mailing list family.

Can you help with my order | deliveries | return? 

We have provided answers to these most frequently asked questions elsewhere on this site.  Find out more about Postage & Delivery and Returns & Exchanges.

What if my item is out of stock?

We try our best to ensure that our products are in stock most of the time, but some are more popular than others and due to supply it's not always possible. You can enter your email on the product page to be notified when they are back in stock and if you have any further queries then please contact us.

How does My Basket work?

Items in your basket may remain there so you don’t have to search again. If an item disappears then this may be that we no longer have it in stock as someone snuck in quick and the item has now sold. Please note the basket does not reserve items, only the final payment reserves what is in your shopping basket.

Can you tell me about your Manufacturers?

Where, when, how and who... we like to know all the ins and outs of the whole production process of our products and have a close connection with all of our manufacturers. We have done our research to partner with people who care about our products, the planet and people as much as we do and visit them regularly. Why not have a sneaky peek on our social media where we share behind the scenes content like this with you!

How do your products fit? 

All products have their own size guides which can be found on their individual pages. If you have slim feet like Fox or wide feet like Gem then these two are the perfect people for fitting advice (they literally go around trying them on and comparing each style and how they fit).  Please check out the info on each product page, or if you have further queries, then just get in touch.

Will the colours be correct?

We have tried very hard to make sure that the colours you see on our website match those of the goods that you receive, although slight variations may occur. Please remember that many of our products are natural and have their own unique qualities too.

How do I clean my goods?

Just like us your new product will need some TLC but it is easy peasy lemon squeezy……please use this link to our product care for more information.

Can I get a made to measure rug?

Fancy a 10 foot by 5 foot natural sheepskin rug with short hair and a matching giant beanbag - no problem!

We have a wide range of sheepskin rugs, throws and beanbags on our website but if you can't find exactly what you are looking for then get in touch. Give us as much detail as possible and we'll get back in touch with options and prices in a jiffy..

How planet conscious are you?

The choices we make as a business are quite simple and we put our planet and people at the forefront of all of ours.

Our product, supplier and material choices are built around provenance, sustainability, which processes are used, fair trade and how we can reduce our impact, and yours, on our planet.

We work with small British and European manufacturers, stock other small makers and shakers, choose vegetable tanned skins over chrome tanned and ethical British-made candles over mass produced for example.

We actively avoid plastic and all synthetic materials where possible. 

We recycle, we reuse, we refresh - our packaging is all recyclable and / or reusable (it also keeps the kids busy by using it to colour in 😉). 

We encourage buying well once. Just snippets of the choices we make.

Is the Shows & Markets team different?

Howard and Joe Heaton run Westmorland Sheepskins at Agricultural, Christmas and Flower Shows across the Country and you can also find them at North Yorkshire Markets.  Any questions regarding the shows and markets, and any purchases made from them, need to go directly to them - find out how to contact them here.