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    Westmorland Sheepskins was started by Howard Heaton around 1980 in the old county of Westmorland in the North of England. This was the off shoot of a family business called ‘Heatons’ that had spanned over 130 years in Leeds and returned to North Leeds just a couple of years later.

    Five generations of Heatons have now worked with, handled and traded in raw skins and materials. With that in mind we like to think we know what we are talking about. 

    This building is old Heatona House in Leeds which you can still see as a landmark building in the city.  It was built especially for Heatons.

    Heatona House, Leeds circa 19 

    Westmorland Sheepskins sources only the best quality sheepskin and leather goods and brings them to you online and at shows and markets across the country. It's what we know. With that in mind and with some great relationships with fantastic suppliers, we are confident that we can bring the best goods to you, where and when it's convenient.  Why not meet the team?